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1. Q: Are the contractors locally based?
A: The 1 Call contractor network has been specifically designed to provide clients with local service providers to ensure that our customers enjoy punctual service,  improved site control and the financial benefit created by reduced travelling expenses.
2. Q: Does the 1 Call service increase the cost. How does 1 Call make its money?
A: Our service costs you nothing, it actually saves you money as the contractors pay a small monthly fee to receive multiple quoting opportunities in their local vicinity. When compared to the volume of clients they service, 1 Call remains their most affordable  and effective means of advertising, Actually reducing the contractors overheads and ultimately the cost to the client.
3. Q: How many (independent) quotes should I request?
A: Although it is wise to compare prices and design offerings for larger projects, we only recommend one or two quotes for smaller tasks such as plumbing, electrics and handyman type works etc. as they all operate on a very similar pricing structure.
4. Q: I have a much cheaper quote, why would I not accept it?
A: Be very wary of under quotes which are nearly always provided by contractors who deliberately leave out various items, only to increase the cost as they progress or worse, are already in financial trouble due to poor management or performance. Accepting a cheap price is high risk and in the majority of cases, results in the work having to be re-done. ‘The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the excitement of a low price’. Benjamin Franklin 1741.

5. Q: What guarantees does 1 Call provide?

A: Our satisfaction statistics are exemplary, as 1 Call clients benefit from the ‘safety in numbers’ scenario.  With thousands of jobs in progress every month, the expulsion of a contractor from our database has far greater financial implications than the cost of satisfying your individual requirements. With our integrity and your consistent feedback, we have firmly secured  our status as South Africa's only safe haven for consumers to select reliable home improvement and maintenance contractors.
6. Q: How do I know the contractors don’t compare prices (collusion)?
A: We never advise the 1 Call contractors how many quotes have been  requested or who else is quoting. We also recommend that contractors are appointed at different times to quote.

7. Q: Are my personal details provided to any other companies?

A: Your details are secure, all customer information is treated as strictly confidential. We never offer client information to any other entity.


Garage Door Installations, For All Your Garage Door Installations Requirements.


Garage Door Installations, For All Your Garage Door Installations Requirements.


Garage Door Installations, For All Your Garage Door Installations Requirements.

Garage Door Installations, For All Your Garage Door Installations Requirements.





























































Do you need a garage door installed, then you need to look at using our website to submit a quote request. Garage door installations will submit your details and get you up to 3 independent quotes from contractors in your area. By using garage door installation companies in your area the cost for the job is minimised due to the fuel costs been less when using a local company. We will assist you by getting those competitive quotes, and you can then select the garage door installation company you wish to use. Fill in our quote request form now by clicking on the quote request button above.
A garage door is a large door that opens either manually or by an electric motor (automated). Garage doors are build large enough to enable cars to fit in. Small garage doors may be made in a single panel that tilts up and back across the garage ceiling. There are many options available and you can discuss this with your garage door installation company when you get quotes through us. We will also check in on the garage door installation company you selected to see if they did a good job.